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We Are An All-volunteer
Interconnecting Resource
For Professors, Students, Non-profits
And Universities.

Who we are

International Professors Project (IPP) is a largely virtual worldwide volunteer network of professors. We network on our social media sites posting stories, announcements and calls for assistance, collaborations and cooperation. We also involve universities, professors and students in various online projects and activities. Our inhouse volunteers are largely professionals, some of whom are also active on our social media sites.

What we do

We use networking to bring professors, students, and nonprofits closer together to support higher education needs by utilizing interconnection strategies to disseminate information stakeholders can use including fostering connections, promoting a wide range of initiatives that connect individuals to academic causes they care most about, connecting professors, graduate and undergraduate students on social sites with a strong emphasis on developing world professors’ needs’.
Our recruitment of professors, professionals and students around the world significantly determine the nature of our virtual academic, intellectual and cultural activities and projects. The majority of our activities entail:

  • Information gathering
  • Teaching and providing research news and tips
  • Assisting and advising various professors
  • Posting jobs on job sites

Volunteering for IPP offers many people internationally, the opportunity to develop new skills and/or experience new roles. Volunteer With Us

How we work


IPP offers basic assistance to developing world professors, students, NGOs, and non profits, ranging from interconnection strategies to disseminating information. We enjoy a high level of success in making matches that are successful, productive and long-lasting.


IPP connections are used to promote and encourage professors, students and university projects and collaborations.

Volunteer Opportunities

We offer our volunteers a chance to develop new skills or to try a new role. We seek motivated and suitably qualified volunteers to provide valuable assistance to virtual and on-the-ground projects throughout the developing world.

How you can get involved

We do much of our work on social sites where we increase our connections with professors and students and help them make further connections or find resources.
You can connect with us through email, on our Facebook page, but mainly on our LinkedIn group site.