The International Professors Project

Facilitating the growth of educational initiatives


We Make Connections

IPP changes lives by helping professors, students, nongovernmental organizations, nonprofit

organizations and university departments across the world to connect and collaborate.

Our Stories 

Our Mission

International Professors Project (IPP) is a global all-volunteer group focused on the development of professors and students in the developing world.

What We Do

IPP promotes the incubation and growth of educational initiatives throughout the developing world by:

  • actively contributing to the problem-solving process
  • providing valuable resources
  • fostering meaningful connections within the education sector
  • promoting worthwhile initiatives
  • undertaking an important volunteer recruitment function
  • offering advice and guidance

This is the IPP interactive exchange network capability




IPP’s consulting capability ranges from interconnection strategies to problem-solving and disseminating information. We enjoy a high level of success in making matches that are successful, productive and long-lasting.


Through peer-to-peer outreach, social media, and ‘on the ground’ networking, IPP promotes:

  • Educational projects
  • Sister nonprofits
  • NGO missions
  • Skill-pools


We recruit international volunteers to provide valuable assistance to “on the ground” projects throughout the developing world. We always seek motivated and suitably- qualified:

  • Professors
  • Nonprofits
  • Researchers
  • Students

Educators in the developing world benefit from the input of our volunteers, whose generosity helps to drive projects towards a successful conclusion.

Work with Us!

And help build a Global Community

Consider the benefits of working with IPP…

Be Part of a Global University!

Be Part of a Global University!

Form global collaborations and alliances with participating professors, universities, nonprofits, NGOs, and academic, HR, and technology professionals.

Make a Difference!

Make a Difference!

 Help less developed countries improve domestic educational opportunities!

Recognition for your Work

Recognition for your Work

Manage diverse and innovative projects and acquire/develop new skills, Contribute to the cause of growing educational prospects globally & make an impact!

Connect with Professors!

Connect with Professors!

Connect, collaborate and plan with professors all over the world to learn about opportunities and where to put your skills to good use!

We need your help!

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