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We are an interconnecting resource
for professors, students, and universities.

Who we are

Our all volunteer-driven International Professors Project helps professors, and students network and to be of assistance in various ways.

What we do

We facilitate connections between professors, placing a particular emphasis on developing countries.

Our core services include interconnections, consults, curations, and promotions. .

How we work


IPP offers assistance by answering questions and making suggestions to Professors around the world, mainly in developing countries.


IPP connections are used to promote and encourage professors, students and university projects and collaborations.

Volunteer Opportunities

We offer our volunteers an opportunity to develop new skills or to try a new role. We seek motivated and suitably qualified volunteers to promote and interconnect key stakeholders of virtual and on-the-ground projects throughout the developing world.

How you can get involved

We do much of our work on social sites where we increase our connections with professors and students and help them make further connections or find resources.
You can connect with us via email, follow our Facebook page, follow our Twitter handle, but mainly our LinkedIn page.

You can join our various groups on LinkedIn by clicking on the links below:

Environmental Science Student Group
International Public Health Group
International Professors Project
Human Resources: International Professors Project
Preventable Medical Errors
Social Media Professors And Students
The Idea of the International University
Medical Errors- International Professors Project

You can request access to our groups on Facebook here:

Environmental Science Students Group
Idea of an Online Global University