About Us

International Professors Project (IPP) is a worldwide organization focused on assisting developing world professors, students, NGO and nonprofits. We are also concerned with the internationalization of professors, students, and universities in the emerging and developing nations.

IPP is…

  1. Working to meet higher education needs in emerging and developing countries
  2. Spreading our message through dedicated networking with participating professors, students, NGOs, nonprofits, and university departments


IPP promotes the development and growth of educational initiatives throughout the developing world by:

  • fostering meaningful connections within the education sector
  • actively contributing to the problem-solving process
  • providing valuable resources
  • promoting worthwhile initiatives
  • undertaking an important volunteer recruitment function
  • offering advice, guidance, promotions, and recruiting

IPP has three main functions:

CONSULT: Our consulting work includes offering basic assistance to developing world professors, students, NGOs, and nonprofits. Our consulting capability ranges from interconnection strategies to problem-solving and disseminating information. We enjoy a high level of success in making matches that are successful, productive, and long-lasting.

PROMOTE: Our promotion work consists of connecting individuals to the academic causes they care most about. We promote, encourage, and foster collaboration on a range of important projects, mostly on social group sites: causes such as:

  • a global university’s climate lab
  • an African tropical clinic
  • an Indonesian children’s English grammar club
  • a Vietnam medical college’s infancy research group
  • developing world students’ water project
  • professors’ blogs and newsletters
  • higher education teaching techniques and tips
  • posting current job boards on social group sites
  • Incubating an online global university design team’s work

Find out more about the projects we support here.

RECRUIT: We recruit relevant experts for our clients and volunteers to staff our organization. We offer many of our volunteers the chance to develop a new skill or try out a new role.

We are actively recruiting international volunteers to provide valuable assistance to virtual and on-the-ground projects throughout the developing world. We are always seeking motivated and suitably-qualified:

  • professors
  • nonprofits
  • researchers
  • Students
  • NGOs

Click here to view all Volunteer Opportunities at IPP.

Recruitment for the academic wing of IPP will commence in 2018. It will be devoted to professors around the world, who will determine the nature and extent of our academic activities and projects, including:

  • online platforms
  • repository of international professors
  • teaching
  • internationalization
  • information gathering
  • academic consultancy services
  • student involvement and inclusion

How you can get involved

We are active on social media. You can contact us and connect with us on Facebook or through our LinkedIn Group page.   

For more information on our functions, please refer to our IPP Core Services document available from: HRIPP@internationalprofs.org.