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About Us

OUR Vision & Mission

Our vision is the internationalization of higher education in the developing world.

Our Mission is to:

Enhance international and regional perspectives of developing and developed world universities, while meeting the developing world’s need for professors and instructors.

Encourage the exchange of professors throughout the developed and developing world.

Use website and other technologies to build a database to assist teaching careers and encourage collegiality between and among expatriate and local professors.*

Spread internationalized and culturally attuned — local and regional — university perspectives within IPP’s participating schools and academics.

* We use an evolving global network to determine our philosophy, theory, and policy for a highly interconnected web of academics, post doctorates, independent scholars, and graduate students. The project’s growing membership and both internet-driven and informal networks provide global information, ideas, and knowledge channels: we are poised to share ideas, information, and knowledge of country and regional variations in teaching, learning, research, and living.

Who We Are

IPP is an international organization focusing on the long-term development of International Professors as ambassadors of global understanding and learning.

Begun in 2003 with two professors teaching in China, our reach has stretched to Morocco, China, Japan, Viet Nam (two), and Jordan, with six international professors and nine international instructors.  Our team of professors, fellows, and universities, using culturally appropriate methods and attitudes, works toward the goal of providing:

university teaching;

mentoring and curriculum development;

disseminating pertinent data and research;

and providing the cultural sophistication and background needed to address global pedagogical/curriculum issues.

Our Strengths

As an independent non-profit organization, IPP has the freedom to develop a professorial network with long-term commitment to instruction in developing countries. IPP is a respected career path in its own right as an international organization composed of a faculty of academics.  We recruit from among new graduates, mid-career switchers, early retirees and emeritus professors.

The International Fellows and Professors focus on culturally appropriate curriculum design and development, mentoring, and teaching methodologies.  This includes understanding and reconciling local knowledge and international and regional concerns in methodological approaches to higher education.  Thus, IPP provides the support and knowledge necessary to further higher education the world over free from bias or competing agendas.

International Professors Project contributes significantly to internationalizing faculties in the developing world. We are working toward a consensual definition of international higher education that recognizes the importance of culture and international relations.  The outcome of this work will be international networks and cooperation fostering a body of knowledge needed to create a more harmonious interdependence as well as an international professorate.

International Professors Project advances the aim of providing universal access to higher education based on merit alone for all students who wish to learn and contribute back to their communities.

Our Goals

As the organization continues to grow, IPP plans to leverage its resources and expertise to create a solid foundation for internationalizing higher education by:

IPP plans to provide the funds required to fill the gap between salaries that can be paid by receiving institutions and incomes needed to cover living expenses such as health insurance and retirement contributions. These supplementary incomes will be based upon expatriate cost of living in the developing country and local salary and benefits structure.

IPP has begun to assemble a network of participating universities (University Affiliates) and regional headquarters to foster and welcome the International Professors. The network will also direct culturally appropriate research in curriculum design, mentoring and pedagogical methods, dedicated to the formation of an international perspective and standard.

IPP will regularly collect and disseminate relevant data, thereby furthering the academic study of cross-cultural university-level teaching.

IPP Fellows will supervise and study their pedagogical experience from within their own fields of expertise in order to develop the full potential of this career. Fellows and Professors will work towards internationalizing higher education teaching methods, curriculum design and mentoring throughout the developing world.